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Tweepy provices protection in the event of an accident or theft.

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Tweepy records incidents that may occur so they can be settled without dispute

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Tweepy records drivers' tags that are driving recklessly

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Tweepy ensures a new driver is conducting him/herself in a safe and correct way

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Tweepy records everything in and around you while you are away.

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Tweepy is the latest HD (high definition) in-car camera on the market. Tweepy uses advanced technology to capture events in HD via audio/video and still images.

Tweepy is the perfect tool for your personal or business use. Below are examples of the wide variety of how your Tweepy can be put to good use!

How Tweepy Can Help You!

Business Owners

If your business involves using a fleet of cars or trucks, a Tweepy mounted in the cabin of each vehicle will provide you with extra protection in the event of an accident or theft. Whether it is a delivery service, or a service that requires equipment, a Tweepy mounted in each vehicle will give you peace of mind.

Tweepy gives you or your employee(s) the power to protect you and your company in situations when it is your word against the other person involved. The entire incident will be recorded via audio and video providing you with a sure and efficient way to settle any dispute. It also gives your employees assurance that they are protected against false accusations.

In Traffic

If you find yourself in high-volume traffic, always have your Tweepy turned on! The device will record the tags of drivers that are driving recklessly. Should you be involved in an accident, you will have recorded proof of not only the accident, but also how the driver of the other vehicle involved was driving prior to the accident.

Monitor Your Teen

Do you have a teenage driver in your family? A Tweepy can go a long way to insure that your new driver is conducting him/herself in a safe and correct way. A recording will tell you how responsible a driver they are, a valuable asset for any family.

Personal Safety

Parking in a questionable area is always risky. With a Tweepy mounted in your vehicle, recording everything in and around your car while you are away, you have a certain peace of mind.